Shop Dog Tee

Shop Dog Tee


New shop tees! This one has been in the works for a while. Since Golden Pliers is about bikes but so often not about bikes, you won’t find any obvious bike stuff on this graphic either. This one’s dedicated to our furry best bud & shop dog, Emmett. Our pal Morgan, who is a super talented illustrator and also Emmett’s favorite dog sitter, nailed the portrait. We chose a sustainable tee from Next Level—it’s a soft, heavyweight 40/60 blend of recycled polyester and cotton.

Sizing info: (width across the chest / shoulder to bottom hem)

  • Small is 17 x 26”

  • Medium is 19 x 28”

  • Large is 21 x 29”

  • XL is 22 x 31”

If you’ve got one of the Shiraz Pocket Tees from last year, the sizing and fit is very similar.

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