Welcome to Golden Pliers


What if a bike shop could feel cozy or welcoming like the way a bar, café, or a record store does?

We all want a comfortable place to call home. We hope Golden Pliers will feel as comfy and welcoming to our neighbors as a backyard bonfire, a well-worn sweater, a bartender who knows your "usual." We provide quality bicycle repair, parts and accessories handpicked from our favorite makers, our favorite snacks, and a goal to inspire others to seek the freedom and joy that a bicycle brings.

a repair-focused shop

The name “Golden Pliers” comes from an old story about a Super Famous Bicycle Racer from the 1950s. The racer was asked by a journalist what the key to all of their success was, and that Super Famous Bicycle Racer replied “Well, it is my mechanic of course, my ‘Golden Pliers’!” Something about that stuck with me. Bicycle mechanics don’t tend to get much credit for the work they do, and here we have this Super Famous Bicycle Racer giving up all the gusto to their mechanic. It felt honest and it felt right.


a labor of love

Golden Pliers was founded by Kevin Purcell, a bicycle mechanic and outdoor enthusiast with 20+ years in the industry, and Becky Newman, maker of bicycle bags under the name Makeshifter Canvas Works. We'll be in the shop every day, so come say hi--we can't wait to meet you.