Photo buy Jonathan Maus of  Bike Portland .

Photo buy Jonathan Maus of Bike Portland.

Quality Bicycle Repair & Service is the cornerstone of Golden Pliers

With over 20 years as a professional bike mechanic, Kevin brings the highest level of knowledge, care and expertise to every bike we service. From flat fixes to custom builds, we’ll treat you and your bike like our own.

Our specialties

Custom builds & Mods / Dynamo wheels & Lights / tubeless setups / honjo fender sales & installation / tire emporium / rack fit & installation / touring setups / rider comfort

Labor Menu

Custom build/overhaul…$300-$450

Annual Tune-up…$160

Basic Tune-up… $60

Tube Install… $10

Brake Pad Install… $10-20

Chain/Cassette… $15-$30

Cable Install… $20

Bar Wrap... $15

Adjustments… $15-$25

Wheel True … $20-$30

Wheel Build… $60

Fenders / Racks / Dynamos / Weird Stuff … by appointment

Need an assessment? Give us a call or swing by with your bike