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The Blotto Miller Ride -A 60-ish Mile Ramble

Alrighty, here’s one of our favorite rides in the area. Bucolic countryside meanders, punchy gravel climb-ups, swoopy paved curves, this ride has some of the hits, for sure. Granted, you gotta push it on Highway 30 until you reach Scappoose, but after that it is really quite pleasant. This is a 60 mile, no drop ride. We’ll wait for ya, smoke our pipes, eat snacks, and crack open some coldies.

The route will look like this:

Willamette>St.John’s Bridge>Dirty Highway 30>Dutch Canyon>Otto Miller>Skyline>Brooks>Keizer>Old Germantown>Skyline>Skyline Tavern Project>Saltzman>Leif Erikson.

Anywho, it’s best to be prepared, this will be a long 6-7 hour ride (probably, think of all the smoke/snack breaks).

*You are responsible for yourself. Dress for the elements, make sure yer bike works, make sure you can do a ride like this, bring tubes and tools, med kit, lights, food, water. Ok?

50% grav-grav, 50% bitumen.

Recommended Tire Size: 32+

We’ll meet at Ye Olde Shoppe ‘Pliers at 8:30am and probably get rolling at 9am.

Sound good? See ya then!!

Earlier Event: October 19
Later Event: October 31
Spooooooky Ride!!