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Second Annual WTF BikExplorers Summit

The second annual WTF Bikexplorers Summit will be an outdoor weekend of rides, clinics, gear testing, campfires and storytelling in Vernonia, Oregon. The goal of this summit is to support, celebrate, and connect Women, Trans, Femme, non-binary, and genderqueer cyclists who use their bicycles to explore.

We’re totally stoked to be so near the second WTF Bikexplorers Summit this year, and want to welcome attendees to Oregon!

If you’re traveling to the Summit from out of town, Golden Pliers is happy to help you get yourself and your bike around. Last year Becky attended the Summit in Montana. She boxed her bike at the shop and used public transportation to get to and from the airport. Here’s some info that might be helpful:

  • Golden Pliers is on the MAX light rail line at the North Prescott stop. If you’re coming from the PDX airport, take the Red Line to the Rose Quarter, then switch to the Yellow Line and head north for three stops.

  • You can take your bike, boxed or unboxed, on the MAX. It’s not awesome but is doable. And costs under $3. If you get hassled for your bike box, be clear that it’s your bike and bikes are allowed on the MAX.

  • There are bike assembly stations/tools at PDX! You can totally assemble your bike and ride into town (about 10 miles).

  • Need to assemble your bike? We don’t lend tools (except for tire levers and a pump), so bring your multi-tool. If you need a friendly space to put your rig together, we’re here! We’ve got patio space, a bike rack, and refreshments. We can potentially store your bike box too, but please ask before planning on that as our storage space is quite limited.

  • We can assemble and/or box your bike for you. Bike building and boxing services run $40-$60 depending on how complicated it gets.

  • Shipping your bike? We like BikeFlights—it’s definitely the most affordable and user-friendly way to ship your bike. You can have your bike shipped to and from our shop, and we can schedule a build or box both ways if you’d like.

  • In addition to bike shop basics, we’ve got all sorts of outdoor and camping incidentals. If you’ve forgotten your sunblock, first aid kit, lighter, camp stove, sun hat or just need an extra strap, we’ve got you.

  • We’ve got a map library in the shop, and any of our staff would be happy to recommend a favorite local day ride, overnight, restaurant or sunset spot.

If you’ve got questions or want to schedule a service, holler!

Shop phone: 971.808.5795 / /

See you soon :)